Nature and us
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Find out the truth: what is up with our world? Check Global Warming and find: 1. What is the ecological situation? 2. Which are the reasons about that situation? 3. What is the scientifical explanation? 3. What will be the future? Knowing is power to change your own destiny!

Globalization, Global warming, Global calamities, Global peace, Global terorism, Global war... So many things start with "global" and finish with "folly"! Search them out! Read about the global folly!

Be one with the world!

Here you will find everything important for the nature and for the problems because of the people's actions on the Earth! You will see how needed is the ecology now, when everything is money. You will see the results black on white, find out the reasons on your own!The natural calamities from the last years - 2000, 20012002 and 2003 - Archives.


All of us are polutioner every day because our life is against the natural limits. We are dangerous for ourself and for the whole world. We live to make money and to die, but the world is not made to live as long as we do. It's life is around 5 000 000 000 and 10 000 000 000 years. We define only the way it lives - likeour mother, like pretty rich plannet or like a destroyed dessert. The transport, the factories, the industry at all are the biggest polutioner of this world. They make the Earth to one dead and durty place, where nothing can live. To understand something more about, just click HERE and see what there is and what there should be around us.

SOS from the world

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The ecology is like the peace - it starts at home. We all have to have care about the nature. It is not so difficult - just don't make scrubs, don't kill animals, don't destroy the flora and the fauna. Try to live as "clean" as you can - forget about the cars when possible, do not use dangerous aerosols, look out to prevent pollutions and the most important - learn your kids to live not agains but with the nature and the nature problems. The planett is not our - we should not destroy it!